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Even though San Tan Valley is renowned for its hot weather, it gets very cold throughout the winter. This means that if you really want to stay warm and pleasant on those chilly nights, an effective heating system should be a need. Call USA HVAC Pro the next time your furnace or heat pump breaks down because we have years of expertise helping San Tan Valley homeowners in staying warm on those chilly winter nights.

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Even though the majority of homeowners are ignorant of the technical ins and outs of heating system repair, there are several obvious signs that you have a problem that needs expert attention.

The following are some of the most prevalent indications that your home needs heating repairs:

  • No Heat: as soon as you can make sure the thermostat is set to the heating setting. You can also check for a burned-out pilot light, blown fuse, or tripped circuit breaker (in the case of the gas furnace). If those suggestions don’t work, call us.
  • Lack of heat: A problem with your home’s heating system may exist. If you notice that the temperature is dropping when it should be increasing, or if nothing changes after replacing the filters and making sure all vents are open, think about calling an HVAC specialist for help.
  • Short cycling: The HVAC system may be overheated if it briefly turns on and off. It might also be caused by other issues, including a broken thermostat. Our professionals can identify the problem and suggest a workable solution.
  • Noise: Frayed fan belts, loose components, or other problems may be the cause of unsettling noises coming from your heating system. If you have this heating system issue, immediately shut off your heater and give us a call to prevent further damage to any internal components.
  • Increasing heating costs: During the chilly winter months, your utility bills may rise significantly. However, if you notice an increase in your bills that doesn’t seem to be connected to changing the thermostat for the season, there may be a problem with the equipment that requires repair or even replacement.

Have any of these warning signs appeared at your San Tan Vallery, Arizona, residence?

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USA HVAC Pro can take care of your heating requirements. We have the knowledge you need to quickly pinpoint problems with furnaces and heat pumps made by some of the top manufacturers in the market right now so that repairs can be finished as soon as possible!

USA HVAC Pro will first provide you with a thorough explanation of the required repair and an up-front quotation before any work is done. We will also offer high-end models that match your needs if it becomes clear after investigating our options or figuring out what kind of system would be most cost-effective for our customer’s budgets.

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